4 tips for offering a work of art

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it its share of gifts to receive… and to offer! So this year, why not choose a work of art for an original Christmas gift? Art can be a good idea of a present for all your relatives, family, friends, spouse… Art adapts to everyone but you still have to know how to choose the right work! We help you not to get lost in the delicate search for the perfect work to offer to those you love.

person looking at a work of art

1. Find out about the recipient’s tastes

It is well known that tastes and colours vary from person to person. Giving a work of art to a loved one requires a minimum of information. Does your father or brother prefer photography or abstract art? What is your grandmother’s favorite color? Would your wife really like this impressionist landscape? Ask yourself: who are their favourite artists, their favourite pictorial trends? Above all, they must be moved by the chosen work, whether it is enthusiasm, admiration or appeasement.

2. Determine your budget

Determining your budget can also help you make your choice, even if we always want to please those we love, whatever the price. In second hand and in some specialized stores, art is within reach of all budgets… Contrary to popular belief, just because it is art does not necessarily mean it is out of reach! You will be able to find your happiness, even for less than 500€. We assure you, offering a work of art is not inaccessible!

3. Tune the work to its interior

It is best to know what the recipient’s apartment or house looks like. Indeed, it is better to avoid offering a work 2 meters wide to someone who lives in a small studio! Similarly, it may be interesting to cleverly dress the large empty wall of a living room. Also think about which room the work could fit, living room, bedroom, or even kitchen! Finally, you can think about colours, as well as style (bohemian, urban, Zen…). A work of art must match the harmony of a room: why not recall colours or brighten up an interior that is too monochrome?

4. Do not offer a work that you would not hang at home

Do you like this painting? Would you see this photograph above your bed at home? To choose the right work, it may be useful to think about your reaction if you were offered it. How would you feel about it? She may seem funny to you, but maybe she wouldn’t belong in your mother’s living room. On the other hand, be careful not to fall into extremes, and do not offer a work that only appeals to you, without worrying about the tastes of the recipient!